This tropical Carribean island is known as “Queen of the Caribbean” for its rich biodiversity.  Cuba is home for 368 different bird species. 25 of them is  only possible to see in Cuba and no other part of the World. Also Cuba is home to the World’s smallest bird and smallest owl “Photographer’s Guide to Birds” is now moving to Cuba. In 17 photos most common Cuban birds come to life, including a Cuban national bird – Cuban Trogon, which only exist on this island, and wild Flamingos. That are not in a zoo or in a frontyard and made out of plastic. Most of the birds, presented here are easy to spot, even without any background in birdwatching.

Bird photography is one of the most joyful hobbies. Eventhough sometimes frustrating and demanding patience. “Photographer’s Guide to Birds” is a series introducing the variety and beauty of different birds in the World. The main aim of this series is not to show National Geographic style professional photos, which takes a team of people, expensive gear and many weeks of work to make. “Photographer’s Guide to Birds” shows the most common birds, that you can spot while simply having fun in the nature without big preparations or professional background. All pictures are made with a simple, semi-professional camera (one of the cheaper ones).