Mountains, desserts, plains, jungles, beaches. The variety of Mexican landscape and climate makes it a paradise for biodiversity. It is believed, that there is over 200,000 different species in this country, that covers between 10 % and 12 % of all the species of the planet. Mexico is  home for 1026 different bird species, and is 15th in World’s birdwatchers paradises list. “Photographer’s Guide to Birds” is now exploring  Mexico. With stunningly beautiful photos, discover 25 most common bird species in Mexico. All of them you can spot easily, no need to sit in the jungle with binoculars for weeks or have a very experienced and professional birdwatcher’s eye.

Bird photography is one of the most joyful hobbies. Eventhough sometimes frustrating and demanding patience. “Photographer’s Guide to Birds” is a series introducing the variety and beauty of different birds in the World. The main aim of this series is not to show National Geographic style professional photos, which takes a team of people, expensive gear and many weeks of work to make. “Photographer’s Guide to Birds” shows the most common birds, that you can spot while simply having fun in a nature without big preparations or professional background. All pictures are made with a simple, semi-professional camera (one of the cheaper ones).