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Caribbean Vibes in Colombia: Drum festival of Palenque

Colombia, Culture

There is something primordial in drum music that echoes to the deepest essence of being. The wind was howling through my ears. The mototaxi was passing by through the fields with many grazing cows. The road without paving was sandy and bumpy. I was on my way to Palenque village where the annual drum festival was about to take place – one of the biggest Afro-Colombian culture event of the year.

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When the Turkey Dance: Story from Traditional Mexican Weddings

Culture, Mexico

One woman proudly placed a turkey into my arms. Afraid to hurt the poor animal, I carefully took it like a baby into my arms and started dancing gently. But I was doing something seriously wrong and I felt it really hard. The woman grabbed the turkey out of my hands, bent back the wings and started cruelly shaking the bird. The crowd went wild while watching the woman do that. Probably, that was the way to do it. The dance itself started to look more like a tribal ritual. The more the turkey was tortured, the higher levels of ecstasy were reached. I was puzzled. Why do Mexicans danced with the live turkey during their weddings? Well, this is what happened.

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